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Start clear into the mirror at who you need to be

Some people will love you, and some will hate you,
but as long as you’re real, they’ll love and hate you for the right reasons…
And, what makes you real may be your spiritual beliefs, moral values,
and philosophical interpretations of reality; whatever you believe those to be,
in whichever way you choose to display them…
Some will talk about it, some will write about it, and some will discuss it in debate;
while others will draw, sculpt, or paint it in some art form-
whatever you feel is worth your time and effort to profess.
It’s true that each piece we create is some portion of ourselves,
that we are only yet a fraction of what we aspire;
it’s the becoming hunger of a starving artist who strives for growing dreams,
and, for discovering the facts of truth about ourselves along the way…
Some people are naïve and cannot understand the world around them,
others are ignorant and choose to ignore it;
but the real and true artists in life want to know it, desire to understand it,
and strive to become it…
An artist of mindful thought, and expressionist of pure heart,
may decorate their page in a way that would display a portrayal of yourself
as you would wish for the world to see you;
and hope to God, with a prayer, that there is someone else out there
who may see themselves in some reflection you've shown,
that you may see yourselves in each other, together,
on whatever level you wish to share…

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